Amateurs Travel To Paris But Overlook These Simple Things

Paris, france is a city for all seasons; whether its spring, summer, fall or winter season, Paris has a multitude of events, museums, celebrations, shops, restaurants and art galleries.
For museums, try the expos at the The duchy of luxembourg, Jacquemart-Andre and even the Louvre – note, go to the short-term expos, not the long term collections! Those are usually great, with mostly art-interested natives going.
Use your weekend to see as much as you can. Start off, maybe, by walking up to Porte de Clignancourt in the north of the city. In the springtime and summer months you will discover the most extraordinary flea marketplace You don’t have to buy anything but you might be tempted as you will discover everything under the sun – old cameras, furniture, all manner of human life and paintings’s debris. Look hard with an expert eye and you might find a bargain. It may well pay money for your visit and much more.
If you have finished at the market, walk southbound to the smarter a part of town – towards Montmartre. Stand under Sacré Coeur and view the spectacular windows vista from the top of the hill — you will have all of Paris disseminate beneath you. The Cathedral is well worth a check out. Sacré Coeur was built a little over a hundred years back to mark the Franco-Prussian war and it is free to use and wander around. Turn out and wander just around the corner towards the Place de Tertre. This is where many artists fill the square and exhibit their very fine and original work. Walk amongst them and admire it all if you love art. You can have your family portrait sketched – your picture will be a souvenir for life but it will cost you. The artists wish between €30-60 but every expect to haggle. You can chuckle at the self conscious faces of all the takers that have to sit down so still – and that bit at least is free!
Along the road on the centre again from Sacré Coeur there is a large variety store called TATI. It has many outlets in France and can be recognised by a unique purple and blue checked sign. Here you can package yourself out in the middle of Paris, france at rock bottom prices. I have bought just about all of my socks and underwear using this establishment and many of my shirts. I tell my buddies that I always buy my shirts in Paris! The products seem to last forever yet be aware that the store only takes cash. TATI sells everything that people need to wear and even more. The shop is full of mirrors used to look out for robbers and is a little like being at a fairground stall. Take your wad of Euros and collect a pile of bargains.
Bastille Day (July 14) – firework displays and celebrations are held to mark one of the most historic events in Paris’ background, the storming of the Bastille prison in 1789 as well as the start of the French revolution; U. S. Independence Day, This summer 4th, celebrations are similar in fashion.
You can enjoy the romantic city lights around the Académie française, Louvre palace and along the Seine river, such as on Pont des arts and its other bridges.
You won’t avoid crowd, but it can be mostly natives — visit open markets; eat there, right whatever you purchase.
However , for me the most optimum time for visiting Paris has been summer! Sitting having a relative or a friend in the warm bank of the Die river during the long summertime evenings has no competition. Good cheese and wine, the setting tones of the songs vacationing on the waters of the Seine, produced by the musicians, sun by the Eiffel tower, sailing lighted boats, soft blowing wind in the sycamores leaves, this can be enjoyed the best in the summer months…
Pont des Disciplines (Bridge of the Arts) become emblematic of romance with hundreds if not thousands of hair mounted on its side rails. So what’s the point from the locks?
While visiting Paris during winters and springs I use seen the prices of the rooms, transportation, food and more going down; as tourism tends to slow down while the climate is much cooler. This slow down price persuades many to gift a package deal along with a reduced cost on flights to their near and dear ones. My friends who love to extend their stay in the city prefer early spring and late fall; because it’s a bang for their buck.
To better experience living a Parisian lifestyle, many first time tourists would find schedule tours as one of the most convenient. Scheduled tours like walking tours (-tours-of-paris/) are not only convenient, it is cheaper too. You will not miss museum activities and have guides that would work as your intermediary; they also speak English, which makes the tour more informative and buying mementos are easier. There are also additional tours offered in Paris like private tours and sweet tour, which offers a glance to chocolate making and tasting of French delicious chocolate. Prices of tours differ with the size of the group and the season of the tour.
Nevertheless, winter has its own delights. Non-existent crowds, for one. Menu items include hearty stews and more “comfort food” items for a tasty transformation. With dark coming in 4: 30, the evening food takes on even more significance. This wasn’t unheard of for us to linger almost 4 hours more than dinner. And red wine by no means tasted so good!
See Notre dame inside and out, see Ste Chapelle, walk over to the Isle St Louis and have a Berthillon ice cream while looking in the little shops selling almost everything French, including the colourful Pylones (great gifts) and the foie cheese, gras and chocolate shops.
There are a number of active hosts in towns and cities around Paris that would love to welcome some genuine travellers into their homes. You might just get a couch, you may get a bed, you may even get the own bathroom with en-suite. While Couchsurfing is free, it’s always nice to bring just a little gift for your sponsor, or take them out for a pint during your stay.
Service staff in France silently state by their actions that the customer is not King yet an equal human being. In french capital, The Golden Rule Do unto others since you would have them do to you” applies to the service sector as well. When in Paris, do as Parisians do. Thus, Paris is a place to experience equality, the national motto, but not one to enjoy King-like Experience.
Also, if nuts are a problem, avoid fries (except in McDonalds) as they are almost always cooked in peanut oil. Meant for coeliacs, there are several gluten-free restaurants in Paris. Noglu (16 Passage des Panoramas), is definitely a totally gluten-free restaurant and épicerie (spice shop). Café Pinson in the Marais and Tugalik (next towards the Sorbonne and the Pantheon) also offers gluten-free dishes. Fée Nature (69, rue d’Argout in the 2nd arrondissement), is a vegetarian restaurant that lists gluten-free options.
Otherwise, Sept is fab because again the queues are much lower than before, it’s not crazy hot and everyone’s return from their holidays more perfectly chilled and relaxed yet busy and exuberant so which lovely buzz in the air.
2: Stay away from expensive areas. Clubbing on the Champs Elysees is out if you want to save money. They will charge upwards of 15 euro…per drink. It’s way too pretentious for us backpacker’s anyway!
But don’t expect to see myself as you amble throughout the city. Living in Paris is a wonderful experience but 11 several weeks is quite enough. I shall be in Normandy.
Again you can eat in your hostel or if it’s sunny provide a picnic to one from the amazing gardens mentioned or to the Quay. Of course it really is nice to eat out a little and treat yourself. You are in Paris after all! So do try and splash out on a good French meal.
Paris is usually well connected with its state of the art Metro system, which allows people to move around easily and quickly. One of the first thing to learn about Paris is to take a memorable cruise upon the River Seine. The whole sail lasts for about 30 – 45min and takes you on a open boat for a trip across Paris. It is an excellent experience for anyone visiting Paris and wants to know about the monuments, people and culture.
The Seine – One of the most romantic and peaceful things you can do is walk along the Seine and listen to your carefully crafted Paris playlist (you must make one! ). I felt like I was in a movie throughout most of my trip, yet there is something about the Seine and the cobblestone route and the glistening water as well as the fishermen and the people kissing and the saxophone players that make you believe in love or something like it.
That is certainly where the artists and authors have always lived. During the night, it thrives with activity. While walking around, we seen a number of restaurants and cafés with clientèle that looked so chic it was intimidating (particularly because they stared at us as we went past).
Timing – six days is not nearly enough time to see or experience the entire city, but they have just enough to make you start to fall in love, so it’s probably best you don’t stay longer for your initial trip.
Going Alone — Going alone was some thing I felt I just necessary to do. It was refreshing and enlightening and rewarding and it presented me with so many new and unexpected opportunities. I was able to set my own travel schedule but not worry about anyone else’s demands, and above anything else, it allowed me to shed a few layers of cynicism and hardness and get a little more in touch with my writerly soul. It’s something everyone should do in their twenties or 30s. Or whenever it feels intensely necessary. There is certainly nothing to be afraid of, my friends. Be cautious. Stay connected. Open up yourself up a little to everything and everyone. And expect to be amazed.
Paris is famously beautiful in the springtime, and the sprouting greenery, blossoms and flowers bring the town to life between March and may even. Temperatures in the spring months climb to an appropriate 20°C by May, but nights can still be cold in early spring, so bring a jacket and a sweater. You can expect rainfall roughly 1 day in several during the spring, but it’s not torrential by any means.
The Parisian predecessor of the Greater london “Boris Bike” scheme is recognized as Vélib’. You can access the scheme when you arrive, with a credit card and a bit of patience in comprehending the instructions, but far better to enrol online () before you go. The day rate of €1. 70 or the week rate of €8 is the basic fee; if you trip longer than 30 minutes for every journey, you start paying extra. But if you can’t get there by 50 % an hour on a Vélib’ bicycle, it’s probably not worth going.
If you want to see Paris in its bustling height, after that this is the time to visit. Pavement cafés are packed and thriving, but queues at museums and attractions can be long and tedious. It’s also high season for the prices, and since Paris is not really a cheap city at the best of times, this can be a costly time of year to visit.
If you’re in search of the authentic Paris, autumn is a very good time to visit. There are fewer tourists, and a real sense of energy as Parisians get back to business after their summer breaks. The fall weather in Paris could be overcast, wet and turbulent, but there are also plenty of awesome, crisp days which are perfect for walking.
When the weather’s not great, it’s a good time to explore the multitude of indoor attractions Paris has to offer — but be aware that some museums close or have limited starting hours out of season.


Here Are 6 Ways To Travel To China Faster

When is the best time to travel to China? I’ve been asked this question multiple times and over the years I’ve developed an answer that I feel comfortable giving. The fact is that China is a large country and anybody whom gives you a one size matches all” answer probably will not understand that.
Transport in China: Traveling simply by bus, taxi & car
For this reason, I’m going to share with you my response based on the month you plan to visit here, along with my recommended places to visit during that month. To start, however , let me share with you a couple instances when you should not travel to China.
In some cities, you’ll also see rickshaws and motorbike taxis waiting outside bus and teach stations. But unless you’re a good haggler (and come with an idea of how much a fare should be), I’d avoid them since they’re prone to overcharging.
Chinese language food isn’t quite what we get fed in the west, and it’s certainly not the same prices! A meal on the street runs around 8RMB ($1. 30). A meal in a locals restaurant will cost around 15-30RMB ($2. 50-$5). Obviously if you wanna eat western food or top quality dining, you can pay a lot of money but that’s not for backpackers, so steer clear!
There aren’t too many places in China that you can’t go to in between the months of April and June. The only exception might be the far northern parts of Heilongjiang and Xinjiang, which can still be quite cold during April and May.
At least you won’t need to book your bus ticket ahead of time – you can typically simply show up at the ticket workplace since buses leave a lot more frequently (but book ahead during peak travel periods). In the sticks, you may not even find a ticket office but instead pay on board.
The weather will be quite dried out in places like Beijing and Xi’an, so this is an excellent time to visit those two places before it gets terribly hot in the summer.
That’s not to say that you can’t go to, just be prepared with plenty of water and make sure to book your lodging in advance as it gets booked up quickly during the summer months.
Typical daily spend for sights: 70RMB ($11)
Hands Sanitizer: while this isn’t a must, I have found it incredibly useful. Even something as simple as being a sink with soap could be hard to come by, so a small travel bottle of your favorite sanitizer will put your mind comfortable.
What I’ve shared above deals more with the day-to-day items that you’ll find essential, but you may still find some aspects of international travel – especially travel within China – that are very important to keep in mind. I’ll walk through a few of the most important ones below:
Regional transport within a town or area costs 2RMB ($0. 30) per subway ride, or 1RMB ($0. 15) per bus ride. Once you get your head around the transport system, it may work out very cheap indeed.
Typical daily spend on transport: 25RMB ($4)
The following are not essential to your trip right here to China, but I believe you’ll find that it’s nice to have a few of these things along with you.
The only exceptions are that you can rent a car at the Beijing and Shanghai airports (to drive within the city limits). But you’ll need an international drivers license. A far more sensible option is to hire a car using a driver. You’re best bet is usually to go with Avis () or Hertz (). You can rent a car & rider through some hotels as well, but you’ll pay more since they’ll take a cut from the action.
You can even easily rent your very own car in Hong Kong and Macau, but this is also not recommended since they’re crowded and confusing cities (and also compact with good public transportation systems).
What is your favorite season or month to visit China? Why?

10 Surprisingly Effective Ways To Travel To India

How to travel to India with kids
Although India has got a number of beaches but there are few that are very popular and must see due to their location or the beautiful greens surrounding them. Some are famous for the cubs and disco parties that can be enjoyed for all the fun all night long! One can also enjoy the local dishes and snacks are served all along these beaches that add to the excitement of the place. A backpacking destination for the youngsters, a spiritual journey for others, or a place brimming with intrigue just, the country caters to a wide assortment of travelers. Even though it can be overwhelming for first timers, one must know that there exists an order of sorts in the chaos! The sights, smells and sounds may appear daunting at first, but one must know that there is going to be no dearth in excitement and introduction to a variety of culture!
How to travel to India: Depending on what part of the country you want to visit you have a choice of five major destinations – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa or Kolkata. The cheapest flights from the UK are usually to Delhi or Mumbai. Check Skyscanner for current flight prices, a return flight from London to Delhi should cost something between £350 and £450.
The colours, smells, and experiences are a true assault on the senses, so be prepared for this. Indians as a whole are very family-oriented people, so the country is very family-friendly as a result. People shall be happy to help you, and will no doubt rotten spoilt your little ones, putting a smile on their faces. This is a destination that your children won’t forget, and the bright colours and noise will make it totally different from anywhere else they’ve been before.
Our twins, Joe and Ellie, were nine years old when we took them to India – a fairly robust age first, we thought, for coping with health and safety issues.
The place of Andaman has some of the most thrilling and beautiful beaches in the world and its such said that the one who sees the place really sees the heaven on Earth! Some of the most happening beaches that one could see there is the Radhanagar beach with cool and clear waters for swimming, Vijaynagar beach with white sands and amazing flaura. Among others are Corbyn’s Cove, Butler Bay, Elephant, Redskin Island Cinque and beach Island beach among the famous.
Cherai Beach, Kerala
I recommend you go through a professional travel agent to book your travel to India. The air travel and hotel are easy enough to book, but booking travel between states and cities is a little more complex and you will want reliable travel. India’s famous sites are scattered all over the country, so you need ground transportation.
The other famous spot of Goa is the Candolim beach which the considered one of the longest beaches in the state with all the fun the tourists have in the waters. Situated in the Northern part of the state the place is very popular for its serene and calm waters and is a great meditation spot to rejuvenate your mind and soul.
Some Important Information
It’s important to understand the concept of culture shock when traveling to India. Of all first, the population of India is enormous, to be the largest in the world soon! No matter where you visit, you will see a lot of people. Second, be prepared to see poverty. Many men, women and children in India live in the streets. For some, seeing real poverty can be shocking, life even changing.
The place of Mahabalipuram is considered as a holy place with temples on the shore of the beaches where thousands of tourists flock all year round. The Arjuna’s Penance with five rathas and the large tiger cave is among the major attractions of the place. Also there is the heritage spot of Dakshinachitra where the traditional dance and culture of the local people of states is demonstrated with great zeal.
The People: I have had almost exclusively bad experiences with the predominantly Hindu population of India. Most of the extended encounters I had with Indians ended with them either trying to rob me, rip me off or asking me for money. Sikhs, Tibetans and buddhists tended to be a lot more trustworthy than the average Hindu. Sikhs are very hospitable and it is possible to get free food and accommodation at most Sikh temples. You will certainly be approached by some nice seeming Hindus with excellent English – they are probably trying to steal from you. This happened to me a complete lot and I was stolen from twice in a year. If you are a women and are being approached by men they are trying to sleep with you, try not to travel alone. Southern India is more laid back than Northern India and the most hassle you will get in India is around the golden triangle and in big cities. People residing in the Himalayas tend to be absolutely lovely. Be careful whilst couchsurfing in India – although there are some nice hosts a lot of them are really bad news.

Nine Easy Ways To Travel To Italy

Autumn is the best time to visit Italy. The weather is beautiful, the crowds of tourists have thinned out, and the fall Italian festivals are in full swing. Attending festivals is not only fun, it is a good way to learn about Italian culture and traditions in Italy
Rome, Venice and Florence are the top three most popular cities to visit when you travel to Italy. Hotel prices can really strain your budget; since these are small cities, a good way to save on your hotel bills would be to stay somewhere out of the way, in the suburbs. Italian cities have excellent public transportation, and you would just need to get into the city on a local train every morning to see all the attractions.
Sorrentine Peninsula – Go Shopping!
Now, here’s who it won’t work for: People with terrible credit. So, if you would like to take benefit of this, you need to clean that shit up. Make payments, write love letters to bill collectors, or whatever else you need to do.
You will also find an impressive collection of painted dishware and tiles upon your arrival in the region. Extending 50 km alongside the southern banks of the Sorrentine Peninsula is the Amalfi Coast, which is one of the most stunning places of the European continent and a major ceramic shopping hub in Italy.
The locals are buzzing with the euphoria of Spring
To figure out which sagre and fiere are taking place across Italy, check out the sites Sagre e Ditorni and Sagre in Italia (They’re in Italian but you really only need to check dates and what the sagre is celebrating. Alternately, you can always run them through Google Translator for the English versions). Don’t miss our blog post on Italy’s truffle festivals , which are also popular in late autumn.
Another locale to visit is the Italian Rivera, where the rich and the famous flock for sea and sun. There are many smaller seaside villages nestled along the coastline where families and couples can enjoy good food and great beaches. These villages are some of the most beautiful locations in all of Italy.
Your best bet for getting a great deal on your spring trip to Italy is to be keeping a close eye on the costs of airfare and hotel rooms months in advance. Sometimes those spectacularly low winter deals do include dates in the spring, so you can take advantage of the lowest prices without being stuck with a winter time trip.
he rich artistic architectural allure will captivate you while the sensational food choices will leave you wanting more. Trying to find that perfect vacation option that appeals to all age levels yet provides intellectual stimulation? Consider the beauty of Italy and the prestige of Florence.
The best way to get a break on Italian airfares is to search often and stay on the lookout for sales. Airlines typically announce their sales on Monday, and by Tuesday other airlines have discounted their flights as well to keep up with the competition. Search late Monday or early Tuesday to snag the most deeply discounted seats in newly released sales.
Train Travel
Basically, you sign up to become a member then you stay on farms in Italy for free and in return you help them with their work. Don’t worry, it’s not all backbreaking farm work. My friend worked at an essential oils farm where they picked lavender to turn into oil. Food and an amazing nights rest on a beautiful farm is what you can expect. And? So much fun. The host families are usually very sweet and fun.
You can still visit Italy on a Budget
Visiting Italy in shoulder season means not only cheaper airfares, but also much cheaper hotel rates. It’s the old trick of supply and demand…. and sadly in the summer you will find much more demand than there is supply. In Spring, you can be certain to not only score a good deal, but also have your pick of places to stay.
Drink lots of water!
Once you’re in Italy here are a few tricks to save as much money as possible.
ravel to Italy which is known as an ultimate resource for a perfect adventure and dazzling nightlife as the cities, the latest picks of restaurants, Italian piazzas, bars and cafes, pizzerias, the nature from Italian national parks, Italian lifestyle, Alps to the breathtaking Islands are quite unique places and also to enjoy every bit of them. If you are not aware of important facts and figures for your travel to this hotspot then let all of your worries go as this guide will lead you to enjoy your cheap Italy flights at all the renowned places of this region. Not only the travel & tourism information but an insight into the famous people of Italy, Italian fashion, the culture, history and arts are also a helping hand to give your journey a perfect touch.
In the early autumn Italy has a very comfy climate. In fact, as far north as Venice, temperatures can often be expected to reach the 70s and 80s through September. Compare that to the sweltering heat of August and things are staring to look pretty good. By October the daytime highs and lows are in that fantastic range where you can put on a light jacket in the morning and shed it in the afternoon before dawning it again while watching the sun go down over an aperitif. This climate is also better for pictures since the light becomes less harsh and the shadows deepen, meaning all those pictures of old Roman ruins look that much more dramatic. The only downside is that there are more rainy days mixed in, which is something you have to watch out for especially in Venice, starting in November. But in general the sunshine is fantastic and unless you are a real sun lover, it’s much more comfortable during the day than the summer.
Some Italians certainly frolic in the water while they’re at the beach, but by far the most popular pastime at the beach is working on one’s tan. You don’t have to join the Italians as they roast themselves slowly, but if you would like to play in the water you might have to bring your own waterproof digital camera , as you aren’t likely to find them for sale at every corner beach shop.
The tranquil north-easterly province of Piedmont offers sheer natural beauty, with bright sunflowers, oak woodland and delightful villages. Take a trip along the Tanaro River from Benevello, taking in the fresh air and wonderful surroundings.
Walk through the Berignone Forest, near Volterra, and experience views of the Elsa Valley. End your walk with a relaxing evening of wine tasting, while the sun sets over the countryside.
I speak from experience. I am more fortunate than most, as I have an Italian wife who was brought up on the Ligurian coast, and I have come to know this province of Italy very well indeed. It quickly became my second home.

When I first heard the term ‘wholesale airfare it didnt make any sense to me. When we say ‘wholesale something in everyday use, it usually has to do w

In my quest to find an answer, here’s what I found. Wholesale airfare is a new term (kind of a fad) that is used for air tickets purchased as bulk which comes with discounted rates. But why would anyone purchase air tickets in bulk? The answer is quite simple. In terms of wholesale airfare, ‘bulk’ simply means more than four tickets; not dozens. So quite understandably, there will be thousands of people who will seek the option of buying wholesale airfare After all, who doesn’t like discounts?
From where to get wholesale airfare is the next probable question in your mind. Travel consolidators and online air travel agencies are the main parties who provide wholesale airfare services. What happens is that they usually sign a contract with an airline which agrees on discounts when travel agencies purchase an X amount of tickets. Therefore, in order to reach this agreed number of tickets, online travel agencies offer wholesale airfare rates for anyone who purchases more than four tickets. This way, the traveler walks away with a low airfare while the agency too makes its profit.travelzoo
So, if you are planning on a family vacation or a vacation with a bunch of friends or simply if you are planning to travel in a travel-buddy group, you should bear in mind that you are entitled to wholesale airfare rates You may have come across travel agencies that offer super cheap prices if you’d like to join in a group of travelers on a guided tour. If the concept of group traveling being cheaper than individual or couple traveling, had bothered your mind, now you know the secret – wholesale airfares can work wonders!travel sites

Canary Island Hopping

Ah, a trip to the Canary Islands. What a dream of a holiday. One advantage is that you can plan your travel almost any time of lanzarote year as the weather is quite predictable. Of course, allocation of budget and time will determine the details of your trip.
For starters, if you plan to visit more than a canary, it is best to choose a place to land and depart. Arrange Cheap tickets from home to one of the islands then take the ferry to all the other islands.
Most packages offer airfare, hotel accommodations and ground transportation. If you can find a set of all three at a bargain price, go for it! We have found great deals on both Travelocity and Kayak, but we know that many travel sites offer the same type of discount packages.
All the islands have airports but Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Tenerife and La Palma are the islands accommodate international travel. You will be able to fly to and from any of the islands. Binter Canarias and Islas Airways are two local airlines. They charge about the same as the ferries make for transportation to other islands. You can expect to pay about 60 € per trip for adults. Naviera Armas, Fred Olsen and Acciona Trasmediterranea are three prominent ferry operators.
We suggest you begin and end your trip in Lanzarote, the island’s northeast. From Playa Blanca in Lanzarote, you can fly or ferry to the island of Lobos in Fuerteventura. Spend the day touring the parks in Fuerteventura and make your way to the southern tip of the island to depart from Morro Jable. Morro Jable, you can fly or transport to Las Palamas Gran Canaria.
There is so much to see in Gran Canaria. Touring the volcano crater, stunning beaches, captivating sand dunes and numerous cultural museums will keep you busy for a day or two. Make your way to Puerto de las Nieves and jump to Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands. A wide range of activities you can do in Tenerife including architectural tours, hiking, beaches, tropical forest walks, and vibrant nightlife. From Tenerife, you have many options. We recommend jumping from Santa Cruz de Tenerife Santa Cruz de la Palma. Lots to do in La Palma including visits to caves and stunning walks around volcanoes.
Back to Santa Cruz de la Palma and La Gomera jump. It is not a large island and its beaches are magnificent. Rest, relax, enjoy. From San Sebastian de la Gomera, hop to El Hierro, the smallest of the Canary Islands. If you have a day to spend in La Gomera, you can take a magnificent walk in the path of the Virgin track will give you an exceptional exhibition of the entire island. El Hierro, you can return to their base camp in Lanzarote or Tenerife turn, where the airport can be sent back home.


I am a Uk citizen going to Gabon. As I Have Not Enough Time to arrange a visa, can I just go and Apply At The Libreville airport?
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I am Also in Gabon and a friend in China wrote to me about HIM.
I Have Heard That news reports exposant Gabon has year athlete at The Winter Olympics, to Have Been Unable to Identify the Person and What They Are Competing in events.
I Really Need the absolute and relative location of Gabon Africa icts for my geography project and give me anyother facts of Gabon if wanted. thanks:)
An Unlikely Eden Gabon IS WHERE relentless predators stalk prey in lush forests and primates, Who Have Not Yet Learned to fear man, live right ALONGSIDE forest elephants. Against all odds, one visionary African leader and a group of Scientists Dedicated That Defied The conventional wisdom insisted oil and logging Are The Only Way to Bring Prosperity To An impoverished land. Out of the Wild THEY Cr…
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Oil Rent Dependency and Neocolonialism In The Republic of Gabon

I was inspired to write this blog because a friend of mine was so insistent that she uses nothing less than SPF 60 whenever she is in the sun. I had a

So, if you are traveling to the Cook Islands , the Greek Islands , or any other hot spot, read on to discover the truth as to whether a higher SPF is really necessary.
I started my research at the American Academy of Dermatology First of all, it is important to understand the UV Index. The UV (ultraviolet) index forecasts the amount of sun damaging UV radiation reaching the earth’s surface when the sun is highest in the sky. However, it does not account for reflective surfaces. The higher the UV Index, the more protection you need.
SPF (sun protection factor) represents how much longer a person wearing sunscreen can stay in the sun before beginning to burn. For example, SPF 8 means that someone can stay in the sun 8 times longer without burning than if she or he was wearing sunscreen. SPF usually ranges from 2 to 60.
The big question ‘ Is SPF Higher Than 15 Really Necessary? The American Academy of Dermatology and the Sun Safety Alliance , recommend that every individual use a broad spectrum sunscreen all year with an SPF of at least 15. For children, both groups suggest sunscreen products with an SPF of at least 30. They also suggest lip balm with SPF, wide brimmed hats and sunglasses to protect lips, head and eyes.
A hot vacation is always a welcome change especially if you come from a cold or damp climate. It is vitally important to choose a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 and to reapply as directed. You don’t want to get a nasty burn that makes your vacation uncomfortable and puts you at higher risk for getting skin cancer down the road!
Ever since I was a little girl who loved fairy tales, I’ve wanted to live in or at least stay in a real castle. While I thought those dreams were never going to come true ‘ my husband surprised me with a thoughtful package from Virgin Vacations that included a stay in a Scottish Castle !
For me, that was the true highlight of the trip. I anticipated our stay like a little kid anticipates Christmas. I dreamed about what the room would look like, exploring the grounds that had so much history and soaking in every moment of my castle experience.
Our package included a two night stay in a Castle Hotel located in Fintry Scotland. From the research I did before we left, I found out that Culcreuch Castle belonged to the Galbraith family who built it in the 15th century. The castle is on an amazing 1600-acre country park to the northeast of Fintry, in the south Stirling Council area. The castle was purchased in 1984 with an eye of developing the castle into a tourist destination. Today, the castle is a thriving hotel with fine dining and many weddings, conferences etc. taking place there.
As we drove up to the castle, I could feel my pulse quicken with excitement. It was everything I dreamed of. An immense structure surrounded by forest and rolling fields of grazing sheep. I was so excited to get out of the car and to start exploring. Even though I was a bit tired from our journey, the adrenaline kicked in and I was raring to go. After checking in, we immediately started checking out the castle.
I really love the drawing room. Overlooking the loch, the drawing room now acts as a resident’s lounge ‘ a quiet place for reading, writing and relaxing. We had our morning coffee here and it was a thoroughly enjoyable atmosphere. We were also lucky enough to make the acquaintance of several other guests while we were in the drawing room.
Next, we went to our room. As I opened the door, it didn’t disappoint. I had a great big smile on my face as I checked out our digs for the next two nights. We had a great big four-poster bed in a beautiful deep dark wood. We found it to be most comfortable and allowed us a great night’s rest. The washroom was small, but adequate and there was plenty of hot water ‘ always a bonus!
The rest of the day, we spent exploring the truly magnificent grounds. There is no need to ever leave the castle and the grounds because you can fill every waking moment exploring! There is a charming lake in the middle that you can walk around and you can follow the winding road up in to the woods. We enjoyed many romantic strolls! Oh yeah, I really enjoyed one night when we saw the sunset and every rabbit imaginable in the area came for a nibble on the lawn!
If you are like me and always wanted to stay in a castle, then hunt down a Scotland vacation deal and head over to Culcreuch Castle. It is a romantic, beautiful, peaceful, relaxing, historic and just amazing place to visit. I cannot wait to go back!
A friend of mine wanted to travel somewhere this year that isn’t a typical touristy place people visit.? So, I started doing some research for her and found three locales that I thought I would share with the readers of this site!? Hope you get to travel to some places off the beaten track this year!
Wroclaw, Poland – Around five hours drive from Warsaw, lists the city of Wroclaw (pronounced vrot-swav) described by some as having the prettiest plaza in central Europe.? This city is a haven for people who love handcrafted items like linens, jewelry, clothing and more.? Tourist numbers are low and you can get a true sense of how the Polish live.?
Sangkhia Buri, Thailand – This village located around 220 miles northwest of Bangkok has been described as incredibly relaxing and calming.? With a mixture of cultures, the town is on the banks of a lake flanked by two amazing temples.? An interesting thing to do is to rent a canoe and paddle the lake to visit the various temples.? If you like places that are off the beaten track and where the locals don’t depend on tourism, then you’ll love this village.? You’ll find authentic cuisine and friendly people in a relaxed atmosphere!
Oftentimes we get caught up visiting touristy countries and then complain about how many tourists there were.? If you want a vacation that’s more authentic and will give you a real sense of the local people, consider a trip to one of these three destinations.? It’s sure to be a unique trip of a lifetime!
You may have heard about the Channel Islands off the coast of California ‘ but Europe’s Channel Islands are another locale you should definitely remember if you are planning an upcoming trip to Europe
The Channel Islands are defined as a group of islands in the English Channel, off the French coast of Normandy, but they belong under British rule. Collectively they include the inhabited islands of:
Guernseytravelers insurance
I recently had the pleasure of visiting Jersey and Herm when I made a side trip when visiting friends in England. My friends encouraged me to take this little island jaunt to visit this unique area of Europe. I learned from them that the islands are famous for their finance industries, their marine and bird life and for two of the islands ‘ for their cows! The Jersey Cow and the Guernsey cow!
I visited the islands by boat and felt that was an authentic and fun way to get there. First stop was Jersey I had a couple of days so I carefully planned my itinerary. First off, I visited the famed zoo, which was an interesting way to spend several hours. Next, I visited Mont Orgueil Castle that overlooks the harbor of Goney. Apparently, this castle protected the Island from invasion since the early 13th century.
On my second day, I wasn’t feeling all that well, so I choose to enjoy the beaches on the island to relax and rest. Gazing out to the sea from the comfort of my beach towel with a book in hand was just what the doctor ordered!
Next, it was onto Herm Island The smallest of the Channel Islands, cars and bicycles are banned making this a walker’s paradise. An abundance of white sandy beaches makes it the perfect place to spend the day. The island is only 1 ½ miles long and less than a half mile wide so it is easy to explore. You’ll find that the northern half of its coastline is surrounded by the lovely sandy beaches, while the southern half is rocky. I enjoyed my time at the two main tourist areas ‘ Belvoir Bay and Shell Beach.
The Channel Islands really are beautiful places to visit. If you are in France or England on a vacation deal , why not plan your own trip too. You’ll love the relaxed pace of the islands and their rugged, natural beauty!
I just came back from a quick trip on a London vacation deal – what a great time! Although the flight was a little long, it was all worth it when we arrived at the Landmark London hotel We were a bit haggard when we arrived just before lunch and we’re hoping that our room would be ready so that we could collapse on our bed and have a nap before exploring the city. I walked up to the clerk at the desk – keeping my fingers crossed that even though we’d arrived before check in that she would, maybe, hopefully have a room!
She greeted me with a great big smile and I was hopeful that my chances were good… After checking our registration, she asked if I would like a room right away! Of course, I said yes – and after a moment or two – she said ‘yes – we can get you into a deluxe room right away’! Hooray! Nothing beats heading up to a well appointed room after a long Trans Atlantic flight.
Before I tell you about our room – I have to talk about the location. If you want to do shopping, theater and historic sights, you can’t beat the location of this hotel. Located next door to Regent’s Park, we found it very convenient for almost everything we wanted to do.
k. back to the room. My hubby and I were pleasantly surprised by the size of the rooms because we’ve had friends complain that most hotels in London have rooms that are only a teeny bit bigger than a closet. We found our room to be spacious, well laid out and had everything we needed. Our room was decorated in a classic style – which I appreciated given this is a heritage style hotel. Well, as a true woman – I loved the bathroom! After having my quick nap after we arrived, I enjoyed the sumptuous marble bathroom and took a relaxing soak in the awesome tub. Everything was perfect!!
We spent the majority of our time sightseeing ( Big Ben , Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Kensington Gardens) and shopping on Oxford , but when we were in the hotel, we took advantage of the amenities. The hotel has a great pool and fitness facility so there are no excuses for not staying on top of the fitness regime when staying there! One of the most helpful resources for our travel was a list of sites to see in London – I recommend following this list that Virgin has, it’s great.
Well, you might be wondering about the food… We usually don’t dine at hotel restaurants because of the cost, but we made an exception with our stay at the Landmark. Friends had told us not to miss the Sunday brunch – and they were right! Advertised by the hotel as a Sunday Champagne Brunch , it was a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the surroundings of the hotel’s beautiful atrium while enjoying culinary delights. As an added bonus, local musicians entertain the diners and it is a wonderful backdrop to this ultimate brunching experience. My husband devoured the smoked salmon and perfectly cooked ham while I ate more than my fair share of home baked pastries. Make sure you leave room for the dessert table!
After a tired start, our stay at the Landmark London is one we won’t soon forget. I hope we can make it back to London soon on another vacation deal and we’ll be reserving our room and brunch reservations!
I recently took my Grandma on a trip back to her homeland of France.? I found a France vacation deal and I just couldn’t resist surprising her with this trip for her 75th birthday.?
However, it was a really difficult decision because my grandma needs a walker most of the time and sometimes needs a wheel chair.? In addition, she does take medication for a few ailments so I needed to understand exactly what she would need when we were channel
I did some research on what to do when traveling with someone who has a disability and I created this checklist for my trip.? I thought it might be helpful to anyone else out there who may have the same concerns that I did.
Contact Grandma’s Doctor – Before I even told Grandma about the trip, I called her physician to get herk.? The doctor thought it would be fine and provided me with copies of all her prescriptions so that we could easily fill the prescription overseas should we lose her medication.
Talk With the Airline – I called the airlines I was going to be using to ask about wheelchair assistance for getting on and off the plane.? I made these arrangements ahead of time so that we were met with a wheelchair when transferring flights and when we deplaned.
Call The Hotel – Since many European hotels can have small rooms and bathrooms, I called the hotel ahead of time and asked for a wheelchair accessible room? That way, I knew she would have plenty of room to maneuver with her walker.
Locate Medical Help and Pharmacies Before Leaving – Since we would be visiting two areas of France, I made sure I had the addresses and phone numbers of medical facilities, hospitals and pharmacies near where we would be staying.? It gave me piece of mind to know that I would know where to go if an emergency arose.
Check Insurance Coverage – It was important for me to ensure we both had adequate travel health insurance coverage. I also took it one step further and determined whether the hospitals where we were visiting would take our insurance coverage.? Again – a little piece of mind…
We ended up having a lovely trip to France and didn’t encounter any problems with her health or disability.? In fact, I think she was more spry and fit than I’ve seen her in a long time!? Since I was prepared in case of any emergencies, I was able to enjoy our time and relax.? Hope these few tips help you with your future travel plans with a loved one!
As part of a Virgin Vacations France vacation deal , I was able to stay at the gorgeous Hotel Lotti Paris – and what a treat it was!? This hotel dates back to 1910 and is the epitome of luxury.?
Let’s start with the location – it doesn’t get much better than Hotel Lotti? Located on jewelry row on rue de Castiglione, it is an ideal locale for anyone wanting to visit tourist attractions like the Louvre, the Opera House, and the rue du Faubourg Saint Honore.? Really, this hotel is about the best location possible.? Bring a good pair of walking shoes and Paris is at your doorstep.
Now, back to the hotel.? As soon as I entered the lobby, I knew that I was in for something truly special.? I hadn’t really done any prior research on the hotel, so I was really surprised and pleased by the caliber of this place.? As soon as you check in, you note the training of the staff – they really seem to want you to enjoy your stay.?
As for the room, I was in a deluxe room and it had everything I needed.? Also, I was pleasantly surprised by the room, as it was rather large – especially by European standards.? Even the bathroom was spacious!? One thing to note, depending on where you are located in the hotel, street traffic can be noisy – so be prepared with earplugs or request a room higher up to drown out traffic noise.? The hotel also has a newer wing, as I was in the older part of the hotel I can’t comment on rooms in that area – although I’ve since read that rooms in the original part of the hotel are larger!
One thing I needed that wasn’t in our room was an iron and ironing board.? However, just one quick call to the front desk, and one was delivered to our room within five minutes!? One example of the impressive service we received during our stay!
Another thing to note if you will be staying at the Lotti… While I was there a couple of unscrupulous guys were trying a scam where they pick up a gold ring in front of you and try to talk you into to buying it from them for a ‘deal price’.? They were persistent and tried it on us a couple of times!? Just walk away if you are approached.
All in all, I loved my stay at Hotel Lotti? The staff was polite, helpful and added to the ambiance of the stay.? The rooms were spacious, clean and well equipped.? The location of the hotel cannot be beat… I cannot wait for another trip to Paris and another stay at Hotel Lotti!
A hot idea right now is the destination wedding? That’s where the engaged couple, family, and friends head down to a particular destination and the couple exchanges their vows and often has their honeymoon at the same time.
Planning a destination wedding is quite a bit different from planning a wedding in your own town since it involves travel and picking everything you need from a far.? So whether you’ve always dreamed of getting married in France , exchanging vows on a beautiful beach in Tahiti or basically any location you fancy, it is a great way to celebrate the start of your new lives together.
Here are just a few tips for any of you who might be planning your own destination wedding!
Truth be told, a destination wedding can be less expensive than a traditional wedding!? Even with the travel , reception, dress etc. the bill will likely add up to far less than if you would had the wedding in your hometown.? The reason they are usually less expensive is that they don’t have as many guests and depending on the hotel/resort, you may be able to pick an all inclusive or package deal to save you money.
The guest list – Well, your guest list is wholly dependent on your budget and of course, which friends and family are willing to part with serious cash and vacation time to join you.? It’s best to set realistic expectations and recognize that your guest list will be small because not everyone can afford the travel costs associated with your wedding.
Plan early and let guests know – With a destination wedding, you need to give your guests as much notice as possible.? They will want to make arrangements to take time off work and to determine if the trip is in their budget.? A cute way to let guests know is to send ‘save the date cards’ at least six months (more is preferable) in advance.
Find someone to help you – It is imperative that you have a wedding planner or someone on site at the hotel/resort where you are getting married to handle the planning, secure the vendors and handle all the details.? Many hotels/resorts offer package deals that include a coordinator to help you.
Details are important – You need to understand the legalities involved with getting married in another country so that you can be assured that your marriage is legal when you return to the United States.? Check out the US State Department to get all the details on getting married in various countries.
Above all else, a destination wedding should be a fun and fabulous time with your loved ones and friends.? With careful planning, there is no doubt that the wedding will be an event long remembered by those in attendance!? Have Fun!
Here are some tips to help!
Chopped fruit and veggie sticks.? If you will be going through customs and immigration when you land, you can bring fruits and veggies with you on board.? Grapes, cherries, and bananas are ideal because they don’t require any prior preparation other than washing!? Just be sure you finish up your fruit and veggie snacks before landing because many countries will not allow you to bring in fruits and vegetables.
With your snacks, it is important to try to get a balance between carbs, protein, fat and fiber.? Consider cheese and crackers, celery with peanut butter, tortilla chips and bean dip.
Bake some healthy muffins beforehand and bring them with you.? It’s a great idea to make mini muffins because they are the ideal size for smaller appetites.
Trail mix is another easy idea for traveling.? Include an assortment of nuts and dried fruit and maybe even some dark chocolate pieces for a sweet addition.
With the new liquid rules, you cannot bring bottled water or juices with you.? However, when the flight attendants come by, request juice or water instead of a soft drink.? Remember to have your children drink plenty of water while they are on board so that they stay hydrated.
Pack all your snacks in small containers that are easily accessible in your carryon baggage.? That way, you can refill your containers when you reach your vacation destination so that you always have healthy snacks for when the kids whine – ‘I’m hungry’!

Waterproof and rugged road and travel map of Costa Rica, San Jose zoomed more detail maps of The Most popular destinations. Updated annually – over 4.000 kilometers of travel research verified Hundreds of kilometers of pavement and recent Improvements For the newest edition (2010).
2 sided, 39 in. × 26.25 in.

lanzarote (In 4875. X 9 in.. Folded)
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I am planning on moving to Costa Rica and I am wondering What Were the Requirements to Take the National Exam in Costa Rica. Currently I am finishing it and plan my massage training here.
Award-winning travel writer Christopher P. Baker Knows The Best Ways to experience Costa Rica-from surfing the beaches of Golfo Dulce to hiking in Corcovado National Park and dining upscale Escazu In The barrio in San Jose. Baker includes unique trip ideas, Such As The 21-Day Best of Costa Rica, The Offbeat Experience, and Seven Days for Active Vacationers. Complete with details are b…
Okay, we’re were going school trip to Costa Rica in May. It’s Supposed To Be really humid and in the 70’s and 80’s When We Go. I HATE it hot or warm. I love the cold. The thing IS, Is That in San Jose, CR, There Will Be a ton of mosquitos. Our teachers Suggest That wear long pants and weekends clothes. Aim its’ Going To Be sooo hot and I’ll get really hot and really stick Which Is annoying.
Erin Van Rheenen has made the move to Costa Rica herself, and Moon Living Abroad in Costa Rica, she uses Her know-how to Provide insight and firsthand advice we Navigating the language and culture of this beautiful country. Erin Outlines All the information you need – Including How to Obtain visas, arranging finances, set up your daily life, gain emploi, and choose schools – in…
Completely updated Every year, Frommer’s Costa Rican features gorgeous color photos of lush rainforest The, the amazing array of wildlife, spectacular & the Beaches That await you.
Personally Researched by a longtime resident, it’s the only Truly up-to-date guide Such That Gives you in-depth coverage of this fast-changing country, recommended accommodations in With Every price categ…
A teacher at my school and Some Students are going to Costa Rica for nine days “during the summer. I Was wondering if I should “pay for this $ 1900 gold by myself to study abroad for 27 days for $ 3700 and Receive college credit and learn some more spanish.
I’m 12 and I put year 18 year old boy in Costa Rica I live in Arizona. It Was at a resort and weekends couldnt stop staring at eachother for Two full nights I finally puts and He Was he surprised when i Said i was 12 and i was 18 diisapointed When He Said There Was Such A goal strong connection between us or to. we go back Every Two Years and hopefull i will see HIM again to icts Kind of like my l…
Have you Been to Costa Rica? My family IS planning a trip – we Who Have Two teenagers love the rainforest, animals, quadrunners riding, snorkeling. Ideally WE WOULD like to rent a home There As We May Be Another joined by family. Any Suggestions Would Be Appreciated and thank you!

All the travel-approved experts Consumers want more and different experiences from travel THEY DID Than in the Past. They Want to Deeply Understand Their destination Before They Go, feel a Meaningful Connection to the site while There, and return home feeling enriched and ready to share Their experiences with Others. With thesis trends in mind, & the results of extensive proprietary market res…
How Do I Obtain Realtor Licence In Costa Rica As A Citizen
I am a natural born citizen Costa Rica With A dual citizenship From The US.I want to go to Costa Rica “during the winters here in NJ and sell houses. I am bilingual and know Costa Rica well, I want to order Focus on the tourist I need to take a class there? Any info IS greatfull!
Completely updated Every year, Frommer’s Costa Rica features gorgeous color photos Of The lush rain forest, the amazing array of wildlife, spectacular & the Beaches That await you.
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Innovative Guide for Costa Rican Spanish.Complete guide to Spanish pronunciation for travelersPractical exercises to help you sound like a native Spanish speakerUseful Expess for Every Day situationsThe ONLY source for Costa Rican slang vocabulary in EnglishPractical Including business and legal termsIncludes and English / Spanish – Spahish- English dictionary
Costa Rica has Become One of The Most popular destinations for travelers seeking “natural beauty, outdoor adventure and ‘s No. wonder.Little Costa Rica IS Endowed With A mosaic of natural landscapes That Are Packed with an amazing array of flora and IS aussi One Of The Easiest places in the World to Experience the Beauty and Complexity of tropical nature.
Now in ful…
Descend Into the mists of Costa Rica’s cloud forest. Feel the swirling moisture Nourish this lush ecosystem as a surround-sound symphony of life fills The Room.
Experience the Osa Peninsula’s lowland rainforest brilliant scarlet macaws WHERE and sleepy sloths dwell in one of The Most bio-diverse places on Earth.
Feast your eyes on the brilliant colors of tropical flowers Against..
I am planning is Studying in Costa Rica this summer and I Have the Option of Studying in gold Either Puntarenas Heredia.
My wife and I are looking to Develop a business opportunity in Costa Rica. We Both Have great management backgrounds, and We Were curious as to What the Market Opportunity in Costa Rica Is Like, What are great business opportunities in Costa Rica, and With Whom Can We speak to available locally to assist marketing products and services With Costa Rica to So, if you could “sell Something to..
My friend and I are planning to take a vacation to Costa Rica this upcoming July, and We Were Wondering Which Is The Nicest place to stay there? As far as hotels, beaches, Things to do, & the atmosphere in general? Would do any help! Thanks!

Costa Rica

No matter where you plan to travel , there are security checks in almost all airports in the world nowadays. Some folks may not fly very often, and co

Empty your pockets of loose change. Wallets and cell phones should go into one of those little bins that are provided. Remember heavy watches, bracelets, and belt buckles can set of the alarm. Take those off and stow them in your carry-on bag before you get to the head of the line or place them in the bins.
Consolidate books and snacks so you won’t have as many things to gather back together after you’ve been screened.
In the United States, you have remove your shoes. Slip-on shoes will come off and go on faster. Shoes with zippers and laces will slow you down…but have your shoes ready to take off before you get to the front of the line. (Take care when you put them back on that you don’t trip on your laces and fall on your face!)
Have your one quart/one liter plastic bag with your liquids, creams and gels out of your carry-on, and put it in a bin. Remember each liquid should be 3 ounces/100 ml or less, right? Don’t any loose liquids in your carry-on luggage. In most countries, if you have medically necessary” liquids or baby food, , those can exceed your plastic bag allowance, but you must notify a screening officer.
Have a plan when you put your stuff into bins on the screening belt. If you put things in an organized way, you’ll be able to put yourself back together faster afterward. Here’s a few tips on how to do it.
Put you shoes, coat and your carry-on personal item” (usually your smaller bag) in the first bin. They will pass through the x-ray first, and you can be putting them back on while you’re waiting for your other items to be screened.
If you’re carrying a computer, put your carry-on bag for your laptop in the bin ahead of your computer, so when your computer comes through, you’ll have the laptop bag ready to slip the computer right into it.
If it’s going to take you a long time to put your shoes back on, collect all of your belongings and move out of the way so the line doesn’t get jammed up. There are usually a few chairs against a wall nearby where you can sit down and put yourself back together.
You will annoy your fellow travelers AND the screening officers if you stand there and put your shoes on…. leaving your bin on the screening belt while others back up behind yours. Airports report that about half of all security checkpoint bottlenecks are caused by people putting themselves together after screening without moving to the side…. don’t be that inconsiderate person!
You’re going to read this, and the next time you travel, you’re going to move through that security checkpoint with a plan… and they’ll think you’re an expert traveler no matter whether you are a frequent flyer or not. Plan your trip through the security checks as completely as you plan your vacation
No matter where you plan to travel , there are security checks in almost all airports around the world nowadays. Most of us may not fly that often, and consequently are not prepared for the security check process. If you want to get through those lines like the frequent flyers do, there are a few tricks that will make it faster for you and everyone around you. Think ahead, so you’re not just getting started when you get to the head of the line.
Empty your pockets of loose change. Cell phones and billfolds should be placed into one of those little trays that are provided. Remember heavy watches, bracelets, and belt buckles can set of the alarm. Take those off and stow them in your carry-on bag before you get to the front of the line or place them in the trays.
Organize books and snacks so you won’t have so much to gather back together once you’ve made it through the line.
In the United States, you have to take your shoes off. Slip-on shoes will come off and go on faster. Shoes with zippers and laces will slow you down…but have your shoes untied or unzipped before you get to the front of the line. (Take care when you put them back on that you don’t trip on your laces and fall on your face!)
Have your one quart/one liter plastic bag with your liquids, creams and gels in your hands and put it in a bin. Remember each liquid should be 3 ounces/100 ml or less, right? There shouldn’t be any loose liquids in your carry-on luggage. In most countries, if you have medically necessary” liquids or baby food, , those can exceed your plastic bag allowance, but you must notify a screening officer.
Have a plan when you put your stuff into bins on the screening belt. If you put things through the screening in the right order, you’ll be able to put yourself back together faster afterward. Here’s a good way to do this.
First put your shoes, coat and your carry-on personal item” (usually your smaller bag) in the first bin. They will come through the x-ray first, so you can be putting them back on while you’re waiting for your other items to be screened.
If you have a computer, put your laptop case in the bin before your computer, so when your computer comes through, you’ll have the laptop bag ready to slip the computer right into it.
If it’s going to going to be slow putting your shoes back on, gather all your stuff and move to the side so you don’t slow up the line. There are usually a few chairs against a wall nearby where you can sit down and put yourself back together.
You will annoy your fellow travelers AND the screening agents if you stand there and try to put those shoes on…. leaving your bin on the screening belt while others back up behind yours. Airports report that almost half of all security check slowdowns are caused by people putting themselves together after screening without moving to the side…. don’t let this be you!
You’re going to read this, and the next time you travel, you’re going to move through that security screening with a plan… and they’ll think you’re an expert traveler no matter whether you are a frequent flyer or not. Plan your trip through the security checks as completely as you plan your vacation
Playing slots on the Internet is much the same as playing slot machines in more traditional casinos. You put coins in a slot, pull a lever, and hope the same pictures on the reels all line up. However, online slots give you the convenience of being able to play without having to leave your home, any time of the day. And on most sites, the payout is set as high as the highest machines in Las Vegas.
Like its real life counterpart, online slots are one of the most popular casino games. Many people find slots less stressful and easier to play than games such as blackjack and roulette. They are a simple, carefree games. If you have never played online slots, you may want to start by finding a site that lets you play with virtual money. That way you can familiarize yourself with the game without losing money. Once you are comfortable playing, you can start playing with real money.
Just as with traditional slots, when playing online slots you get the potential to make money, but you also have the potential to lose money. Check into sites to find out which have the highest payout percentage. Many people worry that they may get cheated; but these machines are powered by random number generators, and the results of every game is completely random.
If you go to reputable sites, you do not have to worry about being cheated. The best way to avoid scams is to read reviews and try multiple sites. Some people also worry about using their credit card online. Again, if you do research and go to reputable site, you don’t have to worry. Your credit card information will be sent over encrypted connections. Just to make sure, do a spyware and virus scan on your computer before putting in your credit card number anywhere on the Internet. Just as with factual life slots, there are different types of online slots.
Although all online slots are really just visual representations of three, and five reel slots, they all have very real slots jackpots. Do not worry about what type you play, just be sure to always have fun! You can find free slot software on sites like Casino Omaha , Casino Online Games or Casino Online UK
Finding airfare discounts is something any traveler would do. If you are traveling as a group or as a family, receiving airfare discounts will be the best thing that can ever happen to you on the trip. But is that something feasible to hope for??
In most cases, airfare discounts are offered when businesses drop in an airline. In other words, you will find airlines offering airfare discounts during non-tourist seasons in certain countries. In other rare occasions, airlines announce special discounts during company celebrations. For e.g. The XYZ airline may offer discounts to celebrate their 25th anniversary in business
However, luck is not the only component that makes you entitled for airfare discounts. Some credit card offers too, make you suitable for airfare discounts under sealed conditions. These conditions are not always bad compared to other offers that are frequently put up by the airfare agents or airlines.
The bottom line is very clear when it comes to receiving dirt cheap airfare discounts. It is safer to count on offers and discounts offered directly by the airline than the offer having to pass through a third party travel agent. It may be easier for traveling agents to promise you the sun and the moon but at the end of the day, they are not the ones that are making decisions about airfare discounts. Usually what happens is that the airline that you choose will have an understanding with the travel agent to provide discounts if they book a certain number of seats. The percentage of airfare discounts will certainly depend on the agreement they have with one another. Therefore, it is possible for travel agents to offer whichever amount they wish, for the end customer; that is you! This is why you see minor differences in the rates offered by different travel agents.
So when you are planning your cheap family vacation be mindful about how you are receiving airfare discounts and from whom. After all, figures are not the only thing to worry about in business dealings nowadays. More importantly, try to figure out and confirm that your credit card payments are routed through secure systems when you make online payments. And lastly but not in the very least, you should check up on every single detail associated with your discounted airfare in order to avoid late disappointments!
Parking at Hartsfield Intl. Airport can be a big pain in the butt. What I have learned from many past experiences is leave the driving into the airport for someone else. Since I don’t live close to the airport, I have learned to use what is known as the park and fly hotel
The park and fly hotel usually offers parking up to 15 days and a free shuttle ride to and from the airport, not to mention a 1 night stay at the hotel with all the amenities included. With that in mind I will list the top 3 hotels near Hartsfield Intl. Airport offering park sleep and fly packages, with the best deals first for those on a budget. These deals often cost less than the price of airport parking alone.
The Country Inn and Suites at Hartsfield Intl. Airport is 1 mile from the airport and offers a park sleep fly package starting at just $81 for up to 4 people and 7 days parking. This is one of the best deals for any airport hotel. Costing far less than parking at Hartsfield Intl. and you get to stay at the hotel for 1 night before or after your trip. This is a good deal even if you don’t stay the night.
The Wellesley Inn near Atlanta Hartsfield Intl. Airport has the next best deal at only $99 for 4 people and up to 14 days parking. They have their airport shuttles running every hour, and are located less than a mile from the airport. Conveniently located right near Hartsfield Intl., this is a nice hotel and you will get a good nights rest knowing how much you are saving over airport parking alone.
Hyatt Place, Atlanta Hartsfield Intl. is for anyone who wants to be closer to the airport. Located 1 mile from ATL airport, this park sleep fly package will only cost you about $119 for 7 days parking, with free shuttles running every 30 minutes. This is a top rated hotel parking package for the price, and close to the Hartsfield Intl. airport. Other hotels this close to the airport will cost almost twice as much as this deal.
So as you can see, staying at one of these park sleep fly hotels is completely within reason, especially if you have to park at Hartsfield Intl. airport. Often costing less than airport parking alone, these could fit right into your travel budget, and maybe even save you some time and money in the long run.
An airport code is important for the smooth running of each airdrome. Each airport usually has both an IATA code and an ICAO code. The IATA code is used more for the public, and with travel details. The IACO code is used more in the identifying of each airport for such things as flight plans and international airports.
The IATA abbreviation stands for the International Air Transport Association. The airport codes distributed by the IATA are used by airports everywhere, especially to mark luggage and find airline seats. The codes are issued by the IATA headquarters in Montreal, and are published biannually in the IATA coding directory. After being issued, all airports are given a unique three letter cryptogram. Codes that are defunct for any reason may be used again at a later date for some other airport, after a suitable time period has passed. These codes are highly useful for airport security , air cargo tracking , and for international airport transfers. If an airport does not have their own code because they are too small, then they are given a Location Identifier instead. The IATA also issues codes for railways.
The International Civil Aviation Organization is normally referred to as the IACO. The four letter cryptograms are used for international airport travel and transport, and are assigned the IACO. These codes are primarily used by airline professionals, flight planners and traffic controllers, and are not normally used by the general public. These codes are broken down into regions. Normally the first letter in the code stands for the region, the second letter is for the country and the last two letters signify the particular airport. The fake code of ZZZZ is used when the airport has no IACO cipher.
Both the IATA and ICAO airline codes are used to identify airports. However, each airport code is significant to a specific airdrome. The IATA codes are used for things such as baggage transfers between airports and for reserving airline seats, and the ICAO codes are used for things such as airport flight plans and transport information. With either code, it is nice to know that the airports have you covered.
When you check into your room you will find it very decorated in very warm tones with hardwood furniture. High speed internet access, hair dryers, irons and cable tv are just a few of the amenities that the Excalibur offers to it’s guests. If you are looking for something a little bit different be sure to request the Turret” room with it’s castle theme. The standard rooms offer King or Queen sized beds, spa rooms have a built in spa for two which is very romantic and relaxing. In the parlor suite you will find a full living room, a dining area, a fridge, marble spa and shower and a guest bathroom.
Zagat has awarded the Steakhouse At Camelot many awards for it’s fine food and service. along with their tender beef the Steakhouse has fresh seafood flown in each day. It’s even possible to arrange a private dining room. If you are in the mood for a buffet the Excalibur treats you like a King. Whether you are looking for Breakfast, Lunch or diner the Excalibur has you covered. Don’t miss the Champagne Sunday Brunch. If you decide to dine at Sir Galahads another fine Excalibur restaurant be sure to try their aged prime beef seasoned with rock salt and pepper. Slow roasted and sliced right at the table, nothing could be tastier.
Wisconsin is a favorite Midwest location, because of its blend of outdoor and indoor activities that are fun for just about anybody. This large state is the home to the city of Milwaukee, the beauty of the Great Lakes, and the home of the National Football League’s Green Bay Packers.
Finally, Wisconsin is also home to a bevy of casinos. There are at least ten different Wisconsin casinos within the state and all boasts its own slate of amenities. The Bad River Lodge and Casino, located in Odanah, has slot machines, table games, video poker and a solon. This Wisconsin casino is on the Bad River Chippewa Reservation. The HoChunk Casino Wisconsin, located in Baraboo, is similar to the Bad River Casino. It also features a smattering of table games, video poker and slot machines. This Wisconsin casino is run by the Ho-Chunk nation and features a bingo hall, which is a profitable amenity.
The St. Croix Casino and Hotel, located in Turtle Lake, is owned by the St. Croix Tribe. This large building is open all night, seven days a week and features more than 1,000 slot machines. There are also table games, with poker being a specialty of this Wisconsin casino. Dining and assorted recreation is also an option at this Wisconsin casino.
There are a number of other Wisconsin casinos that are scattered around the state. Many feature numerous amenities and most are owned by Native American tribes that live on the lands around the Wisconsin casinos. However different each one of them is, they are all great places to dine, gamble and just have a good time. Find out more at Hochunk Casino Baraboo Wisconsin , Casino Wisconsin or Wisconsin Powerball
Few Useful International Travel Safety Tipstravel agency
Before leaving for any country, read the consular information sheet for the destination that describes the expected local conditions. A useful international travel safety tip is that be aware of any pertinent public announcement or travel warnings issued by the state or local authorities. It is essential to learn about local customs and laws as much as you can. This can be done with the help of the travel agent, local library or Internet.
Another important international travel safety tip is to make photocopies of airlines ticket , passport identification page, traveler’s cheques serial numbers, state ID or driver’s license and credit cards. Carry one copy, but pack it separately from the originals, and give one copy to the friend, relative or co-worker. This information can be very helpful in case your original documents and valuables get stolen or lost.
Another useful international travel safety tip is to leave the copy of itinerary with friends or family so that they can contact you in case of emergency. It is also advisable to carry a list of prescriptions you might be taking. If you are carrying any medication, especially the one that could be considered a narcotic, you must check drug’s legality, or get the doctor’s letter stating that you need that medication.
Another important international travel safety tip is to avoid any area during the stop-over that makes you feel uncomfortable. It is best to take the direct flights so that you can save the time spent on take-offs and landing. It is also advisable to travel light, and make sure that you can easily carry your belongings without any help. If you are traveling to a remote area, or going to a foreign county for more than two weeks or plan to visit the high-risk area, register with the local embassy upon arrival, as it will be easier during evacuation in case of emergency.
Once you reach a foreign country, you are subject to the laws of that particular country, and if you get into any legal trouble, get in touch with the consular officer as soon as you can. An important international travel safety tip is to dress conservatively so that you don’t become the easy target for crooks and pickpockets. Do not carry too many valuables, and use traveler’s cheques and credit cards instead of cash. To avoid snatching of the bags from the curb, wear the strap of the bag across your chest.
A useful international travel safety tip is to walk confidently and act as if you know your way and destination, even when you are lost. If possible, take directions only from the individuals in authority such as hotel concierges or police officers. Learn few words of the local language, and do not get involved in the discussion with the strangers.
When leaving the country, keep the receipts of the exported goods handy. A useful international travel safety tip is to be courteous, and answer the questions asked by security and customs officers.
A useful international airport travel tip is to leave for the airport well in advance with all the requirement documents and Ids. Big buckle belts and shoes with metal heels can set off the metal detectors at security checkpoint hence avoid wearing them.
Taking an Inside Passage cruise in Alaska is a truly amazing experience. Maybe you have conversed with family or good friends who have already experienced cruises in Alaska; if so, the chances are good that they really had a memorable journey. So just what is it that makes a cruise in Alaska such a special experience? For one thing, the views you’ll see in the Alaskan Inside Passage are astounding.
The glaciers are extraordinary, huge flows of ice that ceaselessly break off into enormous chunks, which plunge into the waters below. Then you’ll uncover many simply breathtaking mountain ranges in proximity to the shore, some of them with peak heights from 15-20 thousand feet, providing simply beautiful vistas along your trip.
Of course, what brings many folks on Alaskan cruises is the simply extraordinary and abounding wildlife. From grizzly bears and black bears to Kodiaks and Polar bears, Alaska has a wonderful variety of wildlife.
Now, the chances are you will not be seeing a polar bear on your Alaskan cruise (unless you add on a visit to the Arctic Circle), but there is a great chance you’ll see bald eagles and grizzlies, particularly if you are taking one of literally many available shore excursions.
However the most wonderful feature of an Alaska cruise is the great assortment of port trips that are offered when you are docked at the various ports on your itinerary. You can do a huge variety of things, from rafting down streams and rivers fed by glaciers to dog sledding high atop the huge glaciers themselves.